Recovering after camping

hey girls

Camping is hideous.

What’s worse than sleeping on the floor, being freezing cold, going to sleep with the gentle noice of the neighbours snoring and then looking disgusting in the morning when trying to do your makeup.

So obviously when you get home, everything’s a luxury so here’s my guide to make sure when you get home you can recover as fast as you can!

So the first thing I like to do is to wash all my bedding before I go camping then make my bed so it’s all nice and fresh by the time I get home.

I generally tidy my room because for some reason I feel more at ease when it’s all de-cluttered.

When I get home I will dump all my bags and run myself a boiling hot bubble bath to soak in for an hour or two. There’s no other way better to warm up than a bath! 

Next I’ll wash my hair and exfoliate my skin so I feel squeaky clean!

Then I’ll jump into my pjs and some fluffy socks and get my laptop set up with the latest episode of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ 

With all my candles lit and a hot chocolate by my side I’ll climb into my piled high cusion mountain and settle down for the night.

Until next time


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